Make sure you familiarize yourself with these 7 UX terms before attending any UX job interviews

UX terms before attending any UX job interviews

If you’re planning on attending a UX job interview, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some key UX terms to ensure you’re ready for any questions that may arise. Here are 7 UX terms to keep in mind:

User Experience (UX): This refers to the overall experience that a user has when interacting with a product or service, including their emotions, perceptions, and responses. UX encompasses all aspects of a user’s interaction, including usability, accessibility, aesthetics, and functionality.

User Interface (UI): This refers to the visual design of a product or service, including the layout, colors, typography, and other visual elements. UI design focuses on creating an interface that is visually appealing and easy to use.
User-centered design: A design approach that puts the needs and wants of the user at the forefront of the design process.

Human-centered Design (HCD): This refers to the process of designing products and services with a focus on the needs and behaviors of the end user. HCD involves understanding the user’s needs, goals, and preferences and using that information to inform the design process. It emphasizes empathy, collaboration, and iteration to create products and services that are both useful and usable.

Information architecture: The organization and structure of information, typically through a website or app, to make it easily accessible and understandable for users.

Usability testing: The process of testing a product or design with real users to identify any issues or areas for improvement.

Wireframes: A visual representation of a website or app’s layout, usually in black and white, that shows the structure and content of each page.

User personas: A fictional representation of a user group based on research and data, used to help designers understand the needs and behaviors of their users.

Accessibility: Designing products and services to be usable by people of all abilities, including those with disabilities. This refers to the design of products and services that can be used by people with disabilities. Accessibility is an important aspect of UX design, and designers must ensure that their products and services are accessible to as many users as possible.

Interaction design (IxD): The design of how users interact with a product or service, including the interface and any actions they take while using it. This refers to the design of interactive elements within a product or service, such as buttons, menus, and other interactive elements. IxD focuses on

Familiarizing yourself with these terms and understanding their significance can help you feel more confident and prepared when attending a UX job interview. Remember to also be familiar with any specific tools or methods the company may use in their design process. Good luck!

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