UXTalks: How to use Chat GPT in Design Process | All Talks are FREE | 14th April 2023

How to use Chat GPT In Design Process

How to use Chat GPT in Design Process | 14th April 2023 | 7:30 PM IST

Join the special edition of UXTalks on 14th April, 2023 at 07:30 PM, featuring Mr. Tushar A Deshmkukh, CEO and Founder of UXExpert and Director of UXUITraining Lab Pvt. Ltd. With over 22 years of industry experience, Tushar has launched several services in UX including UXResearch, UXUIHiring, UXTalks, and UXTools. He also advises various companies and works as a consultant for corporations of all sizes.

Speaker: Tushar Deshmukh

Founder & CEO, UX Expert, UX UI Training Lab, UX Talks & Usability Lab

In this talk, Tushar will talk about using ChatGPT, a smart computer program made by OpenAI, to help with designing things. ChatGPT has learned from lots of text and can make responses that seem like a person wrote them. It can help with real questions, give opinions, chat with you, and make up creative writing like poems and stories. It’s made to help people find info and give them natural-sounding answers when they ask things.

The design process typically involves several key stages such as research, analysis, ideation, prototyping, testing, refining, and implementation. Different industries and contexts may require different types of design processes, such as the waterfall design process, agile design process, user-centered design process, design thinking process, lean design process, participatory design process, design sprint, and others. The choice of design process used depends on the industry, project, and goals of the design team.
This talks are useful who’s attending UX job interviews, All the best to all.

During this talk, Tushar will share his insights on how to effectively use ChatGPT in the design process, demonstrating some real-time ChatGPT prompts that can be used in your next design project. With his extensive experience, Tushar will provide valuable tips on how to work efficiently and effectively using ChatGPT in your design process.

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