10 AI Figma Extensions Every UI/UX Designer should explore

10 AI Figma Plugins every UI/UX designer must try

10 AI Figma Plugins every UI/UX designer must try

These extensions can enhance your design workflow.

While some may argue that Figma offers only a limited number of built-in tools compared to Adobe software’s vast array, it’s essential to recognize that Figma’s true strength lies in harnessing the collective power of the design community. By empowering designers to create custom extensions tailored to their unique needs, Figma has fostered a thriving ecosystem of innovation.

Now, with the integration of AI, these extensions have transcended into a whole new realm of utility and effectiveness, revolutionizing the design experience. Here, we present a curated selection of the top 10 AI-powered extensions that every designer should consider trying:

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1. Ando — AI Design Assistant

Ando is a helpful plugin that allows you to visualize your design concepts using simple text prompts. It streamlines the design process and generates innovative ideas to elevate your work.

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2. Magician

Magician is an all-in-one AI-powered plugin that revolutionizes the design experience. It automates tasks, generates custom icons and AI-suggested text, and transforms ordinary text into captivating images, making your design process seamless and inspiring.

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3. Figma Autoname

Struggling with naming Figma layers? Figma Autoname is here to help. This AI tool can automatically name all your Figma layers with just one click, saving you time and effort.

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4. Automator

Automator unlocks the full potential of AI and machine learning to simplify your work and boost your creativity. It automates repetitive tasks, generates diverse design elements, and transforms images into stunning creations, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

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5. Wireframe Designer

Create wireframes effortlessly with this AI-powered plugin. Input your description, and the plugin will instantly generate wireframes for both mobile and desktop layouts, helping you test various designs and fueling your creativity.

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6. Relume Ipsum

Bid farewell to using Lorem Ipsum for website copy. Relume Ipsum generates instant copy for your websites based on your company description, simplifying the design process and improving your workflow.

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7. Clueify

With Clueify, you can simulate user behavior with just one click, helping you understand where users will look and how they perceive your design. It aids in pinpointing potential usability problems and enhances user experience.

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8. Magestic — AI Generated Icon Sets

Create AI-powered text to image and access pre-curated, high-quality, unique icon sets with Magestic. It empowers you to bring your graphics and icons to life, directly within Figma.

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9. Attention Insight

Similar to Clueify, Attention Insight uses AI to predict user behavior, allowing you to save time and avoid post-launch fixes. Conduct A/B testing, optimize CTA buttons, and create a better user experience based on data.

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10. Avatars Generator

Create AI-generated photos of fictional people with Avatars Generator. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for avatars for your UI design; simply select a frame, run the plugin, and get up to 30 frames of avatars.

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Enjoy exploring these fantastic plugins, and don’t forget to share your favorites in the comments! If you’re interested in more UI/UX-related design topics, feel free to follow me on LinkedIn and Medium.

Additionally, check out some excellent free UI/UX resources on Gumroad and Figma Community for more inspiration. Happy designing!

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